Another year

Here it is 1 week and 1 day into the New Year. Looks like it’s going to be a good one. It’s Wednesday. So much more to do before the weekend gets here. I have a running to do list. I will report here on the weekend, just to show that these 3 days the top 5 things onbthe to do list got done.

Sunday board game

The family gets together and plays board games, dice games and card games. The whole genre. We do this after church and Sunday brunch. We smile and talk about places we have gone. Imagine what kind of board games people play in different towns.

We look up the newest ones. Scope out the ones we would like to try. Play our favorites. And we laugh a lot. Nounsense is a favorite. We try to keep the game going for awhile. Skipbo is a marathon game. We have have a large family like mine. The game can last a couple of hours.

So here is to Game board Sundays. May you have has much fun on your Sunday.

Nacho summer

This summer food will create more happy memories. Of all the things that bring us together, food plays a big part. We get together once a week and have a potluck supper. Everyone agrees on a theme. We cook from there. We want to have more time together. So for right now, we will plan the menus. Cook from one of our cookbooks we own. And create dishes from other countries. Italian, Mexican, Greek, Irish. We have such a great time when we get together.

I see how they have electronic devices that, even if you are not there at the table, you can still keep in contact. I love our potluck get togethers.

Summer drinks

One thing about Summer is you tend to drink more. Water will keep you hydrated. Sometimes you want a little something more. Then come the slushy drinks. Orange is a favorite flavor of mine. So here is to the summer days, cold drinks and time to enjoy it all.

Learning a song

Listening to music right now. Remembering a song from my school days. I have got to learn what the song meant. I like the music that was played. I also know the whole class was smiling at the song. I love music. This is one song that I will remember for a very long time.

Learning journals

Went and saw different bullet journals. Some of those bullet journals you can learn from. It was so great to see different styles. All those people improving their lives. I just realize one thing I could add to one of the things to do is cat nap. With all the things to do, taking a cat nap means I can rest and get ready for the next thing on my to do list.